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Innehållsförteckning: Första volymen. Om det som hör Himlen. Jämförande fysisk jord och himmel kund IV Själen fråga V.

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Summary Terms of reference Our task was to investigate ways and means of combating child pornography. We therefore studied appropriate areas in which efforts should be made in order to effectively prevent the production and distribution of pomographic material involving children. On the basis of this investigation we have considered in detail how the adekvat legislation should be amended and other measures designed to prevent the production and distribution of such material. We studied the activities of the police, customs and public prosecution authorities where child pornography offences are suspected knipa how they collaborate in such cases with each other and with the Chancellor of Justice. We have paid particular attention to the question of making possession of child pornography knipa associated activities a criminal offence. We also considered the possibility of introducing an age limit in the provisions on child pornography offences. Background Distributing pomographic pictures and films depicting children is already punishable as a child pornography offence. The production of such material for the purposes of fördelning is also prohibited. The penalty åkte this is a fine or imprisonment for not more than two years.


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